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Commercial Playsets for Sale at American Swing


When picking out a playset for a commercial operation, quality needs to be the top priority. The playset is likely to see heavy use, so it needs to be solid in order to hold up over the long run. Luckily, we have plenty of high-quality, durable commercial playsets for sale at American Swing so you can shop with confidence. Take a look at our available options for your commercial playset project. The first item on our list is a complete set, while the rest are individual pieces that can be used to design your own. 

AMS5 Playsets – Commercial

The AMS5 Playset creates a colorful, exciting place for small children to explore, develop skills, and build friendships. The set is easy to install, and it can also be moved later on if necessary. There is minimal maintenance required with this playset, keeping your costs down while still presenting a play area that children will love for years to come. 

Heavy 10’ High – 4 Swing – 2 Bay Commercial Swing Set

If you’re designing a play space using a collection of equipment pieces, start with a swing set. This is often the first place children will go to when they arrive at a new playground, so it’s important to pick a durable model with four total swings. The Heavy 10’ High – 4 Swing – 2 Bay Commercial Swing Set is perfect for the job! Plus, when you order, you’ll be able to pick the frame fitting color, chain color, and seat color. 

Tot Full Bucket Rubber Seat w/ Insert

To make sure small children can have just as much fun on your swing set as the older kids, make sure to include at least one tot seat, such as the Tot Full Bucket Rubber Seat w/ Insert . This bucket-shaped seat allows a toddler to ride inside, providing a more secure experience than a traditional strap seat. 

Plastisol Coated Triangle

Kids love to climb and swing, and our durable Plastisol Coated Triangle handles will allow them to do these activities with ease. The coating used here creates a non-slip grip, and there are four colors available. 

Roto-Molded Spring Ride Airplane

Spring rides are a popular playground attraction for young kids, and this Roto-Molded Spring Ride Airplane is sure to draw plenty of attention. Four colors are offered, and kids will love sitting on top of the plane while bobbing from side to side. A handle is also included on top of the plane. 

Set of 12 Rock Grips

If you’re including a climbing wall in your design, you will need sturdy rock grips to complete that feature. Our Set of 12 Rock Grips come in four colors and are built to hold up against tough weather conditions. 

10’ Wave Slide

We’ve already highlighted a large swing set for you to include in your design, but your playground won’t be complete without a slide. This 10’ Wave Slide includes a fun wave feature that will keep kids coming back over and over again! 

Shop American Swing

If you’re getting ready to build a public playground, order our commercial playsets for sale at American Swing. Whether you desire a pre-designed playset, or you would like to create your own with various individual pieces, we’d love to serve you. Place your order today!


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